Is it safe to swim at the beach?

No, crocodiles are the dominant aquatic predator in Weipa and throughout most of North Queensland. They are territorial and can be quite aggressive. There are also jellyfish and other dangerous animals in the ocean. It is advised that pets do not swim either.

Do crocodiles come into the Caravan Park?

No, although crocodiles can be aggressive and territorial, their main food sources and ambush areas are in the water. The camping grounds are kept tidy and free of scraps that might attract predators and is not easily accessible for a crocodile.

Can I fish on the river banks and beaches?

Yes, but always remain vigilant of your surroundings, be cautious with bait and food and give yourself space from the water’s edge. Crocodiles have attacked fisherman on river banks and beaches.

Where is the centre of town located?

The centre of town is where the majority of the shops are, only a short walk from the caravan park.

Is there internet facilities?

One of the upcoming facilities the caravan park will be getting is internet facilities, but at the moment the town library is the only location where internet facilities are available.

How can I find the caravan park?

The caravan park is located down Kerr Point Rd which is on the road opposite the hospital. Car GPS does not correctly show where the caravan park is.

Does the caravan park supply linen and how often are the rooms serviced?

Yes, towels and bedding are provided in the room accommodation. The rooms can be serviced upon request for an extra service fee or the rooms receive a complimentary service once a week for longer term guests.

Can I obtain camping permits for national parks, Pennefather or Mapoon from the caravan park?

Mapoon permits can only be purchased through the Mapoon Shire Council, Permits for Pennefather not required.

The Mapoon store no longer does any permits.
A link can be found on the Wild Cape Café website to book online.

For other National Parks more information can be found on the Camping | Parks and forests | Department of Environment and Science, Queensland website.

Is there camp kitchen facilities at the caravan park?

Yes, there is an undercover camp kitchen located near the main amenities block.  The camp kitchen consists of a fridge/freezer, BBQ, sink and has some power points for electric cooking appliances.